TIS Arts & STEAM Night Showcases the Power of Holistic Education

May 29, 2023

TIS Arts & STEAM Night is a culmination of the outstanding work students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 have produced over the course of the year, showcasing the power of their creativity and critical reflection to parents, teachers, and the wider community. 

Arts-&-STEAM-Night-11-1685343858.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-12-1685343868.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-13-1685343876.jpg

This year, TIS added “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) to the annual Arts Night, to display the wide range of interactive, hands-on technology, science experiments and crafts that students have created. From 3D printing to robotics, biology experiments, paintings and sculptures, the event was a true celebration of students' diverse interests and talents.

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In addition to the displays, students hosted a fair with food and items for sale, alongside local vendors, highlighting their entrepreneurship skills and adding to the festive atmosphere of the evening. Students also put on a drama production that provided a platform to showcase their acting skills, as well as musical performances that revealed their talent and impressive abilities. These various facets of the Arts & STEAM Night reflect the breadth and depth of the curriculum at TIS and the effectiveness of the School's holistic approach that fosters creativity, innovation, and involvement in the community.

Arts-&-STEAM-Night-1.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-3.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-4.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-6.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-7.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-5-(1).jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-8.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-9.jpg Arts-&-STEAM-Night-10-1685343104.jpg

“Students have successfully incorporated their knowledge and artistic skills into their STEAM projects, hence, this year we have expanded our annual Arts Night to also highlight STEAM” Head of School, Lorne Schmidt stated “Such activities help improve students’ creativity, innovation and critical thinking, applying learning to practice, and preparing for future development”

TIS Arts & STEAM Night is a true testament to the potential of its students, the next generation of thinkers, innovators and creators. With guidance and support from their teachers and staff, students continue to grow to reach their full potential, and steadily work towards their aspirations. TIS is proud to be part of their journey and looks forward to supporting them every step of the way. 

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