Annual Tuition
& School Fees

Annual fees for 2020-2021 for The International School of Macao are:

Pre-Kindergarten - Full Day Program

90,000 MOP

Junior Kindergarten 

90,000 MOP

Senior Kindergarten

85,000 MOP

Grade 1-3

105,000 MOP

Grade 4-6

113,000 MOP

Grade 7-9

119,000 MOP

Grade 10-12

126,000 MOP

School fees consist of 2 parts; the tuition fee and other fees.

Approximately 25% of school fees are designated as other fees. Other fees include textbooks and handouts, online educational materials, arts and crafts supplies, insurance, all field trips within Macao, snacks for kindergarten, and overseas examinations for high school. Additional costs may be payable for tutorial lessons and individual support, overnight field trips, and additional learning materials.

All students in Grades 5 to Grade 12 will be required to participate in a local or international Experience Week activity. Students will be responsible for the partial fees associated with their chosen trip/activity during Experience Week.

Lunches and school bus service need to be paid directly to each supplier by the parent/family.

Discounts and Allowances

Founder Student Discount

In 2004/05, TIS introduced a MOP 2,500 lower fee level for “existing” students in grades 1 to 9 to give recognition to those families who supported the school in its initial two years of operations.

Family Student Discounts

The second child receives a discount of 5% on annual fees. The third or more children receive a discount of 10% on annual fees.

Government Subventions

Government subventions that are paid directly to the school for students qualifying as Macao residents will be credited to fee installments after such amounts are received from the government. Please refer to the Fee Payment Options document for the timeline of payments.

Additional information regarding fees can be found in the School Fees Structure.


As a non-profit school under the Macau University of Science and Technology Foundation, the School seeks to maintain a balanced budget. Any surpluses or deficits arising in a single year are redeployed or recovered, respectively, in subsequent years. All income received by the School is carefully spent to ensure an enriched and effective learning environment for students.

A concerted effort allowed us to qualify for more support funds from the local government (DSEJ).