TIS taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our school community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the policies and procedures at the bottom of this page for more information.

Health and Safety

First Aid

A First aid attendant is on staff during regular school hours. If a student is injured or feels ill, he or she should report to the First Aid Office. The attendant will make an assessment and provide treatment as necessary. Parents will be notified if the illness/injury warrants the student leaving school early.


TIS is a “Nut Aware” School. Student safety is always our first priority. Some of our students have severe allergic reactions to nuts; they also pose a choking hazard for our younger students. Some classrooms may be classified as “nut-free” if there is a child in the class with nut allergies.

Parents will be made aware if their child’s class is a “nut-free” classroom and will be asked to refrain from sending peanuts (or other nuts) to school with their children.

Road Safety

TIS experiences heavy congestion before and after school. Please use the designated crosswalks (zebra crossings) whenever possible. Drivers are reminded to practice extra care and to drive slowly.

Parent ID Badges

TIS invites parents to be involved at the school. For the sake of security, TIS families must register for a Parent ID badge to wear when visiting or volunteering at the school.

Emergency Information

In case of emergencies such as typhoons, the school’s first priority is the safety and well being of students, staff and parents. The latest information as well as updates will be provided to parents via the TIS website, Facebook page and SMS Text Message. You can sign up here:  


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SMS Text Message

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Policies & Procedures

Please find a copy of our school policies and procedures here.