Student Uniforms
& Onsite Uniform Shop

There will be no change to our uniforms this academic year. When we do proceed with the change to new uniforms, the old uniforms will be phased out over a reasonable period of time of 1-2 years.

本學年校服不會更換新款。當我們開始更換新校服時,舊校服將在 1-2 年的合理時間內逐步淘汰。


TIS students are required to come to school in the proper uniform. Information regarding our uniform policy and which items should be purchased can be found in the links below or in our school uniform shop located in RM1540 (North Wing).

Opening Hours: 8:15-12:00 & 13:30-15:45 (Monday to Friday)

TIS 學生必須穿著合適的校服來校。有關校服要求和購買指引,請按以下鏈接查閱或前往本校校服部1540室(北翼)購買。

營業時間:  8:15-12:00 及13:30-15:45 (星期一至五)

Uniform Information