Taking On Different Roles At The Little Shop of Horrors

May 23, 2023

TIS Theatre Arts presented the classic musical Little Shop of Horrors, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of our secondary students to the performing arts. The show featured a combination of singing, dancing, and acting, as the performers brought the characters of the 1982 musical to life.

TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-1-1684912585.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-2-1684912593.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-3-1684912596.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-4-1684912758.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-5-1684912765.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-6-1684912772.jpg

TIS secondary productions provide students with a platform to showcase their talents, take on different responsibilities and learn about the inner workings of the theatre. From managing the lights, to handling sound checks, designing costumes and taking the stage, our students assume different roles in producing a professional show, starting with the director himself!

Having been an integral member of the TIS drama productions, Caleb (Grade 12) has acted in a number of plays, as well as managed props, lights and sound boards. He now felt ready to face a new challenge and assumed the role of director, making countless decisions to give the production the vitality it needed and making it the perfect blend of humour, mischief and romance.

"It was a pleasure to see my vision come to life. The class has grown so much working together to create and work on sets, costumes, lights and brought this play to life wonderfully" - Caleb (Grade 12), Director

TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-7-1684912646.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-8-1684912653.jpg TIS-Little-Shop-of-Horrors-9-1684912664.jpg

By entrusting the responsibility of directing the musical, Mr. Ferlisi, Drama Teacher & Producer, has not only demonstrated his confidence in Caleb's abilities but also highlighted the values of TIS in providing students with the autonomy to take charge and showcase their leadership and creativity skills.

Congratulations to our Drama students for the magnificent performance! Their ability to adapt and excel in any situation is truly inspiring, as they have proven once again that they will rise no matter the challenge. 

Cast & Crew

TIS-LSOH-Cast-1684907336.png TIS-LSOH-Crew.png

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