Install on iOS

You will need to use the Safari browser on your iPhone:

  1. Open this website in Safari on iOS and tap the “share” button.

  2. Then click the “Add To Home Screen” option.

  3. A popup will ask you to confirm. Click “Add”.

  4. Now take a look at your home screen, and you’ll see a new icon.

Add to Home Screen Example

Install on Android

You will need the latest version of the Chrome web browser for this to work:

  1. Open this website Chrome, and you will see a banner popup.

  2. If you don’t see the banner, tap the menu button (the three stacked dots in the top right corner).

  3. Either tap the “Add TISMacao to Home screen” banner or the “Add To Home Screen” option from the menu, and you’ll see a confirmation popup.

  4. Tap “Add” and wait. After a moment, the App should appear on your desktop.

Install on Windows

You will need Microsoft Edge Chromium to install this website as an app:

  1. Look to the right corner of the address bar, and you should see a '+' shaped Install icon.

  2. Click it. On the floating box that then shows up, click Install.

  3. Once installed, you will find an icon for the app on your desktop.