2022/23 Student Recruitment

We still accept new applications for the following grades:

  • kindergarten: PK, JK, SK

  • primary: Gr 1 (waiting list), Gr 2, Gr 3, Gr 4, Gr 5, Gr 6

  • secondary: Gr 7, Gr 8, Gr 9 (waiting list)

For overseas applicants, please contact our admission team at admission@tis.edu.mo directly.

Here are the steps for applying for admission to TIS:

  1. Complete an online application form.

  2. Submit the required documents along with your application form.

  3. Upon receipt of your application and required documents, you will be contacted to arrange a date and time for either an interview (Kindergarten-Grade 3) or a written test/interview (Grade 4 to Grade 11).



  • 幼兒園:K1K2K3

  • 小學:小一 (候補名單)小二小三小四小五小六

  • 中學:初一初二初三 (候補名單)


以下是申請入讀 TIS 的步驟:

  1. 填妥online application form

  2. 連同申請表一起提交所需文件。

  3. 收到您的申請和所需文件後,我們會聯繫您安排面試(幼兒園至小學三年級)或筆試/面試(小學四年級至高中二年級)的日期和時間。

The following documents must be submitted together with the application and can be either uploaded online through Gibbon (our school platform) or emailed to admission@tis.edu.mo.

All applicants

Grade 7-11 applicants also need

Failure to provide the above may result in a delay in processing your application.






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We welcome prospective parents and students to our campus. Please contact the office at (853) 2853 3700 or email admission@tis.edu.mo to arrange a tour.