2023 TIS Robotics Competition

May 23, 2023

The International School of Macao (TIS) hosted the first TIS Robotics Competition on May 20th, 2023. The event provided an opportunity for TIS students to showcase their knowledge and skills in using the latest programming softwares and engineering functioning robots.

TIS 2023 Robotics Competition

The competition took place in the TIS Innovation Lab, just three months after its grand opening, a milestone in the School’s history to celebrate 10 years of the Technology, Engineering and Design programme. The Innovation Lab is a dedicated space where secondary students conduct STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) related projects with access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced resources at their disposal.

TIS-Robotics-Competition-1.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-2.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-8.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-3.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-6.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-4.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-7.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-9.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-5.jpg

During the Robotics Competition, students showed off their skills in a variety of events, including "Bottle Sumo" where robots aimed to be the first to push a two-liter bottle off the table or be the last robot remaining against their opponents, and the "Unknown Mission Challenge" where robots were built and programmed on site for an unknown mission that was only revealed during the competition.

TIS-Robotics-Competition-10.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-11.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-14-1687414097.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-12.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-15.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-13.jpg

“TIS continues to provide students with personalized education that encourages them to pursue their passions and better develop their skills and knowledge in STEAM subjects, preparing them for the ever changing world of technological advancements” - Technology Department Head and Teacher, Mr. Voykin stated.

TIS Robotics Competition not only gives students a chance to showcase their skills and knowledge, but also injects new vitality into the science and technology education in Macao, demonstrating TIS’s leading position in the STEAM field. Congratulations to all our competition winners!

TIS-Robotics-Competition---Winners-with-Mr.-Ng.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition---Winners-1687414997.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-Winners-With-Ms.-Li.jpg TIS-Robotics-Competition-Winners-2.jpg

* Photos not representative of all competition winners

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