Technology at TIS

At TIS, we have seamlessly integrated digital technologies into our teaching and learning methods. Our secondary students participate in the “Think Digital” laptop program and use their personal laptop to access course materials, create content and collaborate with others. Primary students have access to laptop carts and iPads so that they can utilize Google Workspace apps (Docs, Slides, Drive and Sites) as well as apps such as iMovie and DoInk (Green screen technology). Teachers use interactive whiteboards, Google Classroom, Google Sites and online platforms such as Kahoot! and Quizlet (to name a few) to make learning more interactive and engaging for students. 

Parents have access to a number of platforms that allow them to keep track of their child's progress at school. Gibbon is our Student Information System and parents can use it to access academic results (grade 7-12) and register their child for teams and after-school activities (all grades). Parents can choose to receive weekly summaries from Google Classroom (grade 7-12) so that they can be aware of what is happening in their child’s classes. Seesaw (Kindergarten to grade 3) is a mobile app that allows parents to receive updates about their child’s class activities. 

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With access to technology comes a level of responsibility and one of our primary goals is to help students be socially responsible, digitally literate life-long learners. Being digitally literate means that our students will have the knowledge and ability to use technology competently and safely to connect and collaborate with others, to produce and share original content and to use the Internet and technology to achieve both academic and personal goals.

Tech Stats

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Technology Support

The IT Department provides support for both students and teachers at TIS.