When I was growing up on a farm outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I never expected that my life would include living in what we would have called an ‘exotic’ location like Macao. I think some of our friends and family thought Hiede and I were crazy to sell our house, pack up our belongings and move with our five and seven year old to Asia. What was to be a 2-year endeavor is now a 23 year adventure for Hiede and me, working in international schools. My experience in education encompasses 38 years of teaching High School Mathematics and Science in Alberta, Canada Shanghai, Singapore and Macao. During this time, I completed a Master’s Degree of Education, majoring in Leadership and Management. I have been named Deputy Principal and IB Diploma Coordinator. Furthermore, I have been an IB examiner for 11 years. I now feel privileged to be appointed to the leadership of such an impressive school such as TIS, thanks to the tireless efforts of students, parents, teachers and staff over the past 20 years. I look forward to creating a rich, comprehensive and balanced learning environment that will showcase the exceptional achievements of our students and enable them to reach their full potential, becoming positive contributors of our global community and an example of student excellence.

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