TIS Students Win Top 3 Awards at 'Sea of Plastic' Recycled Art Exhibition

Jun 06, 2023

Our Grade 4 students have swept the competition at the “Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition” organized by the Institute of Science and Environment at the University of Saint Joseph (ISE/USJ), by winning ALL THREE first places!

The exhibition aimed to raise awareness about the need to protect our oceans from plastic pollution, and by creating art using trash found on Hac Sa Beach, the students conveyed this powerful message perfectly.

1st Place | Octopus Wave - Bella, Daphne, Jason, Raizel and Henry

TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---1st-Place---Octopus-Wave-1-1686035220.jpg TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---1st-Place---Octopus-Wave.png TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---Octopus-Wave-1686098571.jpeg

2nd Place | Mr. Big Eyes & Polluted Fish [TIE] - Teresa and Hailey & William, Emma, Maxy, Elsa, Aiden and Hailey

TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---2nd-Place---Mr.-Big-Eyes.png TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---2nd-Place---Polluted-Fish.png TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---Mr.-Big-Eyes-&-Polluted-Fish-1686098595.jpeg

3rd Place | Turty - Matthew, Rosalind, Jade, Alexander and Carolina

TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---3rd-Place---Turty-1-1686035464.jpg TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---3rd-Place---Turty.png TIS-Wins-Top-Awards-at-Recyled-Art-Exhibition---Turty-1686098620.jpeg

At TIS, our students are no strangers to using art as a means to showcase their creativity and activism. Through our Activist in Residence program, we work with specialists to promote sustainability and encourage our students to take an active role in protecting the environment. This exhibition is a culmination of ongoing projects, such as the “Waste in Our World” at the beginning of the year, where students turn beach clean-up materials into mindful art.

TIS Grade 4 Students Win Top 3 Prizes at Recycled Art Exhibition

We are incredibly proud of our students who use their creativity and dedication to protect our planet. Let’s all do our part too!

TIS Educational Assistant, Tchusca Songo, Wins Special Artist Award at Recycled Art Exhibition

Tchusca Songo, an Educational Assistant at TIS, was the featured artist in this exhibition, winning the Special Artist Award for her captivating artwork. Tchusca is a celebrated artist in the community, known for her focus on environmental and recycling themes. She actively collaborates with local companies to inspire the younger generation through community workshops. At TIS, Tchusca helps and inspires our elementary students to express themselves creatively, finding their voice through art and taking a stand on environmental issues. We are truly lucky to have her support in our efforts to make the world a better place!

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