SK and Grade 6 Graduations 2024

Jun 26, 2024

Senior Kindergarten Graduation

Our Senior Kindergarteners took the stage for a special graduation ceremony, celebrating their many accomplishments. Students delighted the audience with a musical performance, and beamed with pride as they crossed the stage to receive their commemorative teddy bears. Their teachers shared words of encouragement, reflecting on how much they had grown over the past 3 years, and their families looked on adoringly, as they cherished this important milestone. 

We're so proud of our SK class and can't wait to see what they accomplish as they move on up to Grade 1! Well done Tigers!

TIS-SK-Graduation-1-1719280531.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-2-1719280534.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-3-1719280536.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-4-1719280538.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-5-1719280541.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-6-1719280542.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-7-1719280544.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-8-1719280547.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-9-1719280549.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-10-1719280550.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-12-1719280552.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-13-1719280554.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-14-1719280556.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-15-1719280558.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-16-1719280661.jpg
TIS-SK-Graduation-17-1719280543.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-18-1719280546.jpg TIS-SK-Graduation-20.jpg

Grade 6 Graduation

Dressed in their bright graduation capes, the Grade 6 class made their way to the Neil P. Johnston Theatre to celebrate the culmination of their primary school journey. As family and friends looked on, the class of 2024 marked this special moment with beaming smiles, joyful laughter, and the occasional happy tear.

The event began with a speech from Primary Principal Mary-Anne Jasinsky, who reflected on the path that led the students to this moment. This was followed by the presentation of awards and diplomas, recognising the graduate's hard work and dedication throughout the years.

Moving up to secondary school can be daunting, but we know this cohort is more than ready for the challenge. With their strong academic foundations and growing independence, we have no doubt they will thrive in middle school. 

Wishing all our grads the very best of luck - the future is bright!

TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-5.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-19.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-6.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-7.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-2.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-1.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-3.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-4.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-8.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-9.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-11.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-16.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-17.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-18.jpg TIS-Grade-6-Graduation-15.jpg

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