TIS Celebrates Outstanding Alumni at 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony

Jun 14, 2024

The International School of Macao (TIS) hosted its 3rd Annual Alumni Awards on June 13th, 2024, honouring TIS exceptional graduates who are making a positive impact in the world. The event was attended by distinguished guests including DSEDJ Acting Head of Division of Infant and Primary Education Ms. Ka Si In, Consul General of Angola Mr. Eduardo Velasco Galiano, Acting Consul General of Mozambique Mr. Aurélio de Jesus Chiconela, Vice Consul General of the Philippine Consulate Ms Regina Ambrocio, British Honorary Consulate in Macau, Honorary Consul Prof. Glenn McCartney, and TIS School Supervisor Dr. Howard Stribbell.

Ms. Ka Si In DSEDJ Acting Head of Division of Infant and Primary Education and TIS Board of Governors

This year's saw three award recipients, the first being alumna Joy Kuai, Class of 2017, an aeroplane maintenance engineer apprentice, trailblazing in a male-dominated field, alumnus Daniel Figueiredo, Class of 2012, an air pilot currently working at Air Macau, and lastly, alumna Tiffany Ng, Class of 2017, an occupational therapist working at TIS, helping students at the very school she attended.

TIS-Head-of-School-Lorne-Schmidt-and-Award-Winner-Representative-John-Kuai-.jpg DSEDJ-Acting-Head-of-Division-of-Infant-and-Primary-Education-Ms.-Ka-Si-In-and-Alumni-Award-Winner-Daniel-FIgueiredo.jpg TIS-School-Supervisor-Howard-Stribbell-and-Alumni-Award-Winner-Tiffany-Ng.jpg

In his address, TIS Head of School Mr. Schmidt expressed the school's immense pride in its alumni, who continue to embody TIS's mission and make a positive impact on the world.

"Our alumni are agents of change, carrying forward the values and spirit of TIS as they excel in their endeavours," said TIS Head of School Mr. Schmidt "These three award recipients are shining examples of the incredible heights our students can reach, and we are honoured to celebrate their achievements."

TIS Head of School Lorne Schmidt

The three award-winning alumni expressed their gratitude to their alma mater for nurturing their growth and development. In their speeches, they offered words of wisdom to the recent graduates, encouraging them to persevere in the face of adversity, to prioritise a healthy work-life balance, and to actively engage in activities and pursuits that enrich their lives as they embark on this next chapter of their journeys.

In addition to recognising the award recipients, Mr. Schmidt announced the establishment of the TIS Alumni Association. As an academic institution committed to empowering students for lifelong success, fostering strong connections with our alumni is a strategic priority, and this exciting new initiative will unlock a wealth of exclusive networking opportunities, professional development resources, and philanthropic programs for our graduates.

The TIS Alumni Awards ceremony is an annual event that recognises TIS graduates who have made significant contributions in their professional and personal lives. Through this initiative, the school aims to inspire current students to broaden their horizons, pursue their passions and excel in their respective chosen fields.

TIS-Alumni-Awards-2024-2.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2024-4.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2024-3.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2024-5.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2024-8.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2024-9-1718350414.jpg

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