Record-Breaking Swims: Tigers Make a Splash at DSEDJ's Swim Meet

Feb 01, 2024

TIS student athletes roared to victory on January 20 & 27 at the DSEDJ Swim Meet with 10 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals! The Group D Girls 4x50m Freestyle relay team secured the first place trophy, while Grade 8 athlete Sophia broke the DSEDJ 100m Backstroke Record.

With an outstanding performance, TIS ranks an impressive 3rd overall among all schools in Macao! GO TIGERS!

424921824_18310248301134488_4765878022679766523_n.jpg 424918701_18310248292134488_3054804527967053837_n.jpg 424916265_18310248274134488_5145535583725205168_n-1707352874.jpg 424914855_18310248265134488_7680439133992148422_n.jpg 424914695_18310248256134488_2711719703191486687_n.jpg 424906468_18310248247134488_613523587196545015_n.jpg 40e9615b4d8f51922df9bf8ffdeea831-(1).jpeg 403cbd28d4e684811343e63a0a636896-(1).jpeg

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