Embracing the Richness of Chinese Language and Culture at TIS

At TIS our ethos is to ignite inquisitive minds to become socially responsible lifelong learners, ready to navigate and positively impact our interconnected world. The Chinese Pathway from Pre-K to G12 is an embodiment of this mission, we believe that learning a language is more than just mastering words and grammar. It's about diving into a rich cultural tapestry, understanding different perspectives, and opening doors to new worlds. 

Our Chinese Pathway from Pre-K to G12 is a journey that intertwines language learning with cultural immersion, preparing our students to be global citizens.

TIS Chinese Pathway

From Playful Beginnings to Advanced Mastery

Pre-K to SK: A play-based environment where the basics of Chinese, including Pinyin and characters, are introduced.

Secondary: Aligned with the IB Curriculum, 

Our Holistic Approach
What sets TIS apart is our holistic approach to education. Small class sizes, talented and caring teachers, and diverse extracurricular activities ensure a personalized learning experience for each student. Our curriculum, sourced globally, reflects the rich tapestry of the Chinese-speaking world and supports both traditional and simplified Chinese scripts, respecting the diverse backgrounds of our student body.

Our commitment to transparency and responsiveness is evident in our regular communication with parents and our flexibility in accommodating individual student needs, including requests for level changes and script preferences. We believe that learning Chinese at TIS is not just about language acquisition; it's about nurturing critical thinkers and creative individuals who are able to evaluate issues and create solutions based on the information in front of them. 

At TIS, the vibrant exploration of Chinese culture is a cornerstone of our educational ethos, enriching the learning experience from Kindergarten through Secondary school. Our curriculum is intricately designed to immerse students in the heart of Chinese traditions through a variety of engaging and hands-on activities. For example, this year's Chinese New Year celebration is particularly special, as it is  enriched with elements from the Han dynasty, providing students with an immersive experience into one of China's most historically significant periods.

In Kindergarten, the cultural journey begins with festivities like the Mid-Autumn Festival, where students engage in lantern decorating and experience the excitement of traditional Dragon & Lion Dances. They also take their first steps in learning the art of Chinese brush writing, a skill that connects them to centuries-old traditions.

CNY-activities-img05.png CNY-activities-img04.png CNY-activities-img03.png

As students progress to Primary school, their cultural exploration deepens. They participate in the Dragon Boat Festival, learning the historical significance of the festival and engaging in the traditional practice of making zongzi (rice dumplings). Activities like exploring traditional stories, customs, and creating festive crafts continue to reflect the rich cultural heritage. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated with mooncake tasting and storytelling that delves into the legends behind this cherished celebration.

CNY-activities-img02.png Chinese-cultural-week-img01.png Chinese-New-Year-img-01.png CNY-activities-img01.png

In Secondary school, students' engagement with Chinese culture continues to evolve. They are introduced to more sophisticated cultural practices such as kite making, seal carving, and the art of calligraphy. These activities are not just about learning skills but also about understanding the historical and cultural significance behind them. The celebration of Chinese festivals, including the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, is marked by a variety of activities including lantern drawing, scriptwriting of auspicious characters, and crafting traditional foods like mooncakes and dumplings. Through these rich cultural experiences, TIS students develop a profound respect and appreciation for Chinese heritage, enhancing their understanding of the language and its cultural context.

CNY-activities-img08.png CNY-activities-img06.png kite-flying-img03.png kite-flying-img05.png kite-flying-img02.png kite-flying-img01.png

This holistic approach to education at TIS ensures that our students are not only academically proficient but also culturally enriched, fostering a deep connection to Chinese culture and preparing them to be globally-minded individuals.

At TIS, we offer more than just an education; we offer a journey into the world of Chinese language and heritage , set within a supportive, multicultural community. Our students are not only equipped with language skills but are also imbued with a global perspective and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. Join us at TIS, where learning Chinese opens doors to understanding the world and shaping a better future.

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