Discover The TIS Difference | TIS Open Day - February 3!

Jan 26, 2024

Experience a vibrant community where learning comes alive through exploration, creativity, and endless possibilities.  

Our robust K1 - Grade 12 curriculum weaves together the rigor of a Dual International Diploma* with our Exceptional English Programme. This potent blend empowers students to master the global language while tackling diverse academic challenges. The result? Prestige Pathways paved with confidence, where graduates stand ready to conquer top universities. 

Join us on February 3, from 10:00am to 12:00pm and experience first-hand why TIS is the nurturing environment where children thrive. 

Register today by using the link here.

Apply on the day and enjoy a 1500MOP application fee waiver upon enrolment. 

"The school is very open about parents and the community being  welcome and actively involved. If our children are having problems, the teachers will contact us, so the school and the parents are in close communication." TIS Primary School Parents

Uncover the Reasons Why Parents Choose TIS:

  1. Nurturing a Love of Learning: From Kindergarten to Grade 12, our holistic approach ensures a smooth transition between grade levels and celebrates each child's unique talents and ambitions. Our dedicated teachers, a supportive community, and light filled facilities foster a lifelong love of learning.

  2. Building Confident Young Adults: Our philosophy of care extends beyond academics, stilling self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Picture your child blossoming into a well-rounded individual, ready to face the world with courage and compassion.

  3. Mastering the Language: Dive into our exceptional English program designed to equip your child with the communication skills and fluency they need to succeed in a globalized world. 

  4. Choosing the Right Path: We offer two world-renowned academic pathways: the Alberta Diploma and the IB Diploma Programme. Our experienced counsellors guide each student towards the perfect fit, whether pursuing a single diploma or embracing the challenge of a dual path.

  5. Reaching for the Stars: Witness the limitless potential of TIS graduates. With acceptances to prestigious universities like Columbia, Imperial, UCLA, and King's College, our students are equipped to pursue their passions and shape the future on a global stage.

  • "What I really enjoyed about Kindergarten and Pre-School is that my son woke up every day excited about going to school." TIS Primary School Parent

During the event:

Embrace this unique opportunity to unlock your child's potential and discover the perfect environment for their soaring success at TIS. 

Register for Open Day today!

"It’s a down to earth structure that teaches children the importance of giving back to the community." TIS Kindergarten Parent

We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community!

*Students who choose full IB graduate with two official diplomas, Alberta & IB.

發現TIS的與眾不同 |  2月3日TIS開放日!








  1. 培養學習的熱誠:自幼稚園到高中十二年級,TIS確保學生順利平穩過渡每個年級,培育孩子獨特的才華和抱負。我們專業的教育、充滿支援的社區環境以及舒適的設施均有助培養終身學習的熱情。

  2. 建立年輕人的自信心:TIS的關懷理念超越學術追求,重視培養孩子的自信心、批判性思維能力以及強烈的社會責任感。可想像在這種環境下,孩子未來將可成長為一個全面發展的個體,有足夠的勇氣及同理心面對世界。

  3. 精通語言:深入了解TIS高端英語教學,旨在裝備孩子擁有在全球化社會中所需的溝通技巧及其流利程度。

  4. 選擇正確的道路:TIS提供兩條世界知名的學術路徑以供選擇:加拿大艾伯塔文憑以及IB國際認可雙文憑。經驗豐富的升學顧問將指導學生,無論學生追求單一文憑還是雙文憑,都能找到最適合他們的選擇。

  5. 獲卓越大學青睞:見證TIS畢業生的無限潛能。學生獲美國哥倫比亞大學、英國帝國理工學院、美國加州大學洛杉磯分校以及英國倫敦國王學院等知名學府錄取,在全球舞台上追求熱情,塑造未來。







* 選擇修讀全科IB國際文憑課程學生畢業時,可同時獲取加拿大艾伯塔畢業文憑及IB國際文憑。

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