Winter Warms with Musical Magic: TIS Secondary Concert Delights!

Jan 31, 2024

On a cold evening in the heart of wintertime, the international community at TIS was abuzz with a special event - the highly anticipated Winter Concert. The concert was a showcase of their musical talents and a platform to foster friendships and create beautiful music.

As parents entered the auditorium on concert night, they could feel excitement and pride emanating from all corners. The seats filled quickly with expectant faces eager to witness their children's musical talents shining brightly on stage.

As the Head of School, Mr. Lorne Schmidt is a passionate advocate for music education and to everyone's delight, he joined the TIS Jazz Band on stage for the opening performance of the Hawaii Five-O Theme. This lively performance set the stage for an evening of wonderful music.


In addition to this special collaboration, another exciting element was added to the concert. The TIS Music department had invited students from the neighbouring Macau Anglican College (MAC) school to join them in a music exchange. The idea was to strengthen the bond between these two schools and create an opportunity for cultural exchange through music. 

The MAC and TIS band students had already experienced a taste of this friendship during their participation in the esteemed GBA Honor Band concert at CIS (Canadian International School of Guangzhou) back in October. During that event, they first met, made friends, and discovered their shared love for music. Now, they were looking forward to continuing this musical journey together.


For their first Secondary School performance, the Grade 7 students participated alongside their older peers. Their enthusiasm and commitment were evident as they had practised diligently since October. Meanwhile, students in Grades 8 to 12 have been rehearsing since September to ensure a flawless performance.

TIS-concert-12-1706666170.jpg TIS-CONCERT-13-1706666178.jpg TIS-CONCERT-14-1706666186.jpg TIS-CONCERT-15-1706666198.jpg TIS-CONCERT-17-1706666219.jpg TIS-CONCERT-18-1706666228.jpg TIS-WINTER-CONCERT-01.jpg TIS-WINTER-CONCERT-02.jpg TIS-WINTER-CONCERT-03.jpg TIS-WINTER-CONCERT-04.jpg TIS-WINTER-CONCERT-06.jpg TIS-winter-concert-img-02-min.jpg

The evening continued with the Clarinet Ensemble playing the delightful "Baby Elephant Walk," and the Hotpot Band captivated the audience with the more poignant "Blue and White Porcelain”, a hit by Jay Chou. The Flute Choir and the String Ensemble added another dimension with "Irish Aire" and a celebration of Bach, respectively. The Concert and Symphonic bands brought a modern touch to the concert.


As the final notes reverberated through the Neil P. Johnston Theatre, thunderous applause erupted, filling the air with admiration and appreciation. At that moment, it became clear that the Winter Concert had captivated hearts and united the crowd in their delight.

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