Reminder About Health Declaration for Elementary Students

Sep 07, 2020

Dear Parents,

As part of our new routines and systems, we ask that you fill in the Health Declaration each week. Students without a completed Health Declaration form are not able to be on campus. A reminder will be sent out every Thursday with a link to the form and we ask for your assistance and weekly cooperation to comply with the Macao Health and Safety regulations during the COVID 19 pandemic period. Kindly be sure to include your child’s correct grade, grade level number and name that appears in Gibbon.

We hope that your child enjoyed the first week of school and is settling into routines for this school year.  We appreciate your support and partnership in education and we are excited to have most of our students back at school!

Warmest Thanks,
The Elementary Team



在新制度的規範下,學校要求  貴家長週為子女填寫健康聲明表,沒有按規定填寫健康聲明的學生一律不得進入學校。學校會在每個週四提醒家長,並希望家長在新型冠狀病毒大流行期間合作,遵守澳門衛生當局的安全措施。填寫資料時請正確填上孩子就讀年級、班別以及Gibbon系統上使用的英文名。


小學教育全體老師  上

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