What Makes the TIS Curriculum So Special? Our Admin Team Weighs In

Sep 04, 2020

TIS is proud to offer the Alberta, Canada provincial curriculum as the cornerstone of its successful educational program.

This world-class education system has an excellent international reputation and is recognized as one of the best in the English speaking world, but what makes it so unique and how is it different from other educational systems?

Over the next week, we will be sharing a series of videos from our administrative team who will be providing in-depth information about our Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School programs.

In today's installment, we focus on Kindergarten, our three-year developmentally appropriate, play-based program for young learners. Head of School Howard Stribbell recently interviewed Elementary Principal Mary-Anne Jasinski and ECE Coordinator Hiede Schmidt to find out more about how TIS' Kindergarten program supports students in building important skills and behaviours.

A chat with Ms Jasinski and Mrs Schmidt

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