End of the School Year 2021-2022

Jun 22, 2022

22 June 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Earlier this evening, DSEDJ announced that due to the ongoing pandemic prevention strategy, all schools would begin summer holidays immediately. Due to the few days remaining in school calendars, the 2021-22 academic year is now considered complete for all schools in Macau. 

In compliance with DSEDJ and the Health Bureau, I  must announce that the school year at TIS is also finished. There will be no more online classes or assessments. Students will not be penalized due to this closure. Teachers will use work that has already been completed to professionally determine the students’ final marks. 

We understand an abrupt end to the school year might cause some disruptions and can be an emotional time for our students. We will strive to seamlessly wrap up the school year providing report cards on time as well as opportunities for students to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers before the summer holiday. 

Class Wrap-Up Sessions

Report Cards
All report cards will be published online on Gibbon as scheduled on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

This year’s yearbook will be distributed in August. Further arrangements will be made by the School to have the Yearbook sent to families who have left Macau.

School Photos
All orders that have currently been placed will be fulfilled.  If you are leaving Macau, please contact us at communications@tis.edu.mo and we will ensure that the photos are forwarded to you. Additional order forms will be distributed by email.  

Items Left at School or Need to Return to School
Students who need to pick up items left at school will be allowed to do so next week. A separate schedule will be posted to follow pandemic prevention guidelines. Please do not go to the school this week as it will not be open to students. Students who need to return items can do so when school resumes.

Summer Camp
As of now, we hope that Summer Camp will be able to continue or to be only delayed slightly. More details will be shared later.

TIS as a community will continue to support our students, staff and families to weather yet another storm. We will continue to keep you informed of the situation as it develops and to offer support whenever and however we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact communications@tis.edu.mo.

As a leadership team and as a whole school, we are disappointed that the academic year must end like this. However, we stand together as a TIGERS community and as a MACAU community. We want to thank you for a wonderful year and we trust that everyone will stay strong and stay safe. 


Yours sincerely,

Howard Stribbell
Head of School

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所有完成訂購程序的學生照片將按計劃稍後提供。若您的家庭即將離開澳門,請透過以下電郵與學校聯絡 communications@tis.edu.mo,我們會確保將照片轉送給您。額外的訂購表格將透過電郵發放。





作為社區的一份子,澳門國際學校將繼續與學生、教職員以及在校家庭攜手渡過另一個難關。隨著疫情發展,學校會持續為大家提供最新消息,並隨時提供力所能及的支援。若您有任何疑問或憂慮,請隨時透過電郵與我們聯絡 communications@tis.edu.mo。



Howard Stribbell


2022年6月22日 - 澳門國際學校校長Howard Stribbell發送的學年結束信函

(* 註:如中、英文兩個版本有任何抵觸或不相符之處,應以英文版本為準。)

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