Empowering Parents with Effective ATL Strategies - Successful ATL Workshop

Jan 17, 2024

Insights into the Significance of ATL Skills in Holistic Development and Parental Involvement

We are delighted to share the success of our recent ATL (Approaches to Learning) workshop for parents, which took place on January 10. The workshop aimed to shed light into how the ATL can shape a child’s educational journey and support their overall development and growth.

Led by our PYP Coordinator, Darwin Balog-Ang, the workshop drew attention to the importance of nurturing these skills both inside and outside the classroom by providing a comprehensive understanding of ATL’s impact on a child’s education. Darwin emphasised the importance of ATL skills as the foundation of a well-rounded education, which equips students with the ability to learn, think critically and thrive in an ever-changing world.

"I would say it gives a better understanding of the meanings of my kid's learning activities at TIS and awareness of how to support my kid at home.” - Participant

During the workshop, parents had the opportunity to explore the five categories of ATL skills and their corresponding sub-skills, gaining insight into how these skills contribute to a child's education. ATL skills go beyond academic achievements, playing a crucial role in personal growth, adaptability, and lifelong learning abilities.


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The practical examples resonated with parents, providing them with actionable strategies to support their child’s development. "I would say it gives a better understanding of the meanings of my kid's learning activities at TIS and awareness of how to support my kid at home." a parent said and another, "It gives us an idea of how our kids are taught at school."

The workshop not only imparted valuable insights, but also had a lasting impact on how parents perceive and approach their parental roles.

We believe that parental involvement and understanding of key educational concepts are vital to creating a holistic and enriching experience for our students. Building upon the success of our recent ATL workshop, we are thrilled to announce a series of upcoming workshops that will further enrich our parents' knowledge and engagement.

These workshops are designed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies that parents can implement to support their child's educational journey.

Mark your calendars for the following workshops:


Assessment in the PYP

Understand how we evaluate your child's learning and support their growth for future success.


Inquiry-Based Learning

Foster a lifelong love for learning by exploring the exciting world of “Inquiry-Based Learning”. This approach makes learning exciting and teaches your child to think critically, encourage curiosity and build a lifelong love for learning.


Concept-Based Learning

Discover how Concept-Based Learning helps your child grasp big ideas, make connections between facts and skills, and prepare for tackling complex problems.


Student Initiated Action

Learn how to empower your child to take ownership of their learning journey. Learn strategies to encourage independent learning and meaningful actions, fostering responsibility and confidence.

Stay tuned for further details and registration information, which will be shared via our school website and communication channels

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