TIS Early Childhood Education Conference

Jan 22, 2024

TIS held its first Early Childhood Education (ECE) Conference on January 20, 2024. We were honoured to have Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) Acting Head of the Division of Infant & Primary Education, Chen ZiChang, our keynote speaker, Anne van Dam, as well as ECE educators and specialists from Macao and overseas, present for the event.

From left: TIS Head of School Lorne Schmidt, DSEDJ Chen ZiChang, Keynote Speaker Anne van Dam

Lorne Schmidt, TIS Head of School, commenced the conference by welcoming Anne van Dam, an internationally acclaimed inquiry-based educator, consultant, and ECE expert from the Netherlands, as the keynote speaker for the conference. Her session, titled "The Power of Play," later captivated the audience as she highlighted the essential role of play in fostering creativity, competence, and confidence in young children.

TIS-ECE-Conference-2.jpg TIS-ECE-Conference-3.jpg

In addition to the keynote address, TIS's experienced teachers and specialists delivered a diverse range of sessions covering various important topics. These sessions included child safeguarding, identifying language and speech difficulties, and incorporating Loose Parts and Chinese language (Mandarin) in a Reggio Emilia approach. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into these subjects and gain valuable insights that help enhance their teaching practices and support children's holistic development.

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With over 120 attendees, not only provided meaningful insights but also served as a great international networking opportunity. It fostered a vibrant community dedicated to shaping the future of early childhood education, as participants exchanged ideas, shared best practices, and built connections.

Shared Responsibility

Furthermore, recognising that education is a shared responsibility, TIS organised an exclusive parent session with keynote speaker Anne van Dam on the 19th of January. This special session was carefully designed to guide parents and guardians in understanding the significance of play in shaping young minds and nurturing essential skills beyond the playground. Through interactive discussions, Anne shared her innovative approaches and deep understanding of child development, encouraging parents to play an active role in their children's educational journey.

Renowned Early Childhood Education expert Anne van Dam at TIS ECE Conference

“I want to acknowledge the kind of ambition and recognition of children's rights that is expressed through the initiation of this conference” Anne van Dam expressed “It is really powerful and important that people have come here to learn together and discuss the work being done, I think it is going to have a ripple effect in other schools, and hopefully ignite people’s idea about the Power of Play” - Anne van Dam, ECE expert

TIS remains committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for children, fostering their growth, and empowering them with the skills necessary for their future success. By hosting more educational conferences and creating diverse learning opportunities, the School aims to go above and beyond in cultivating a community of lifelong learners that actively contribute to positive changes in our global community.

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