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Sep 22, 2023

The annual Curriculum Night was held on the 14th and 21st of September, introducing parents to the teaching plan for the new academic year. The event provided parents with an opportunity to gain insight into their children’s education and establish effective communication channels with teachers.

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Curriculum Night began by presenting the newly appointed members of the leadership team. The Secondary Principal, Mr. Dominic Masters, introduced the Middle School Vice-Principal, Dr. Sarah Ogiamien, and High School Vice-Principal, Mr. Ryan Connolly. Following suit, the Primary Principal, Ms. Mary-Anne Jasinski, introduced the Kindergarten Vice-Principal, Mrs. Hiede Schmidt, and both Elementary Vice-Principals, Mr. Brian Rooney and Ms. Yoonhee Jahng. These seven educators bring with them a wealth of international teaching and managerial experience, making them valuable additions to the School's leadership.

Secondary Curriculum Night

During his speech, Mr. Masters highlighted that TIS provides students the Alberta High School Diploma, as well as single-subject International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and full IB Diploma. These internationally recognized certificates have significantly enhanced the prospects of TIS graduates gaining admission to top universities around the world. Moving forward, the School plans to integrate these two education systems to further strengthen the quality of education, enabling more students to enter premier international universities after graduation. 

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During Curriculum Night, TIS also introduced parents to this year’s "Activist In Residence project: helping protect Africa’s last Garden of Eden" in Gabon, West Africa. In a country filled with breathtaking beauty, diverse wildlife and rare natural wonders, students will learn about sustainable development and learn how they can contribute to the preservation of our planet and its communities. The initiative aims to instill both professional knowledge and a sense of social responsibility in students, aligning with the school's mission of developing socially responsible lifelong learners who can think critically, problem solve and make positive changes in the global community.

Throughout the event, parents were able to engage in interactive discussions with teachers, gain insight into the curriculum and support students’s extracurricular activities. In addition to core subjects such as English, mathematics, humanities and Mandarin, the School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including Model United Nations, sports teams, student leadership and production activities, experience week, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. These activities intend to prepare students for their future endeavors and higher education.

Primary Curriculum Night

Parents also had the opportunity to visit classrooms, familiarize themselves with the teaching content, and experience the welcoming learning environment provided for their children. In addition, parents were introduced to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), which aims to broaden students’ international perspectives and facilitate a seamless transition into secondary school courses.

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We hope to develop more in-depth communication and meaningful exchanges with parents. By providing an interactive platform and creating a conductive atmosphere, we aim to promote the healthy growth of students and their academic success.

We hope to promote more in-depth communication and exchange with parents, through this series of special events known as “Curriculum Nights”. By providing an interactive platform and creating a more conducive atmosphere, TIS aims to promote the healthy growth of students and their academic success.

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