Benefit Concert Unleashes TIS Talent!

Mar 07, 2024

It was a night to remember as our High School Student Council hosted one of the most anticipated events of the year. Our annual Benefit Concert, which has become a tradition since its establishment in 2009, showcases the immense talent and dedication of TIS students and staff, while raising funds for various noble causes. This year, the concert’s proceeds will go towards supporting our Activist in Residence program, focusing on wildlife conservation initiatives in Gabon, Africa.

TIS-Benefit-Concert-1.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-2.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-3.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-4.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-5.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-6.jpg

The concert was a true testament to the multi-faceted abilities of our students. Their musical talents shone brightly as they mesmerised the audience with their skills on a variety of instruments. From Paula’s enchanting “Opening Night Jazz” on the piano, to the String Ensemble’s “Air on the G String,” the Hot Pot Band’s “Blue and White Porcelain.” A  particularly thrilling moment was when Brian, Dennis, Franky, Jachov and Yoyo, a group of talented high schoolers, seamlessly switched instruments midway through their performance, showcasing their versatility and musical prowess. Not to mention the powerful singers that graced us with their voices, such as Célia’s rendition of “Can’t take my eyes off you,” and Amelia’s “Popular.”

TIS-Benefit-Concert-7.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-8.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-10.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-12.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-15.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-22.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-24.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-27.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-16.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-17.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-18.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-19.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-20.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-25.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-26.jpg

The stage came alive with exciting dance numbers that left everyone in awe. From the hip hop duo, Focus and Marcus, who brought an explosion of energy, to the elegance and graceful little swan dance, by Anali, Brenda, Daniela and Isabella, to the K-pop Medley by Ganika, Kate, Katie, Kayla and Yoyo, to the sensational Annette and Kyle who wowed the audience with their routine. One of the highlights of the evening, and undoubtedly a crowd favourite, was the Teacher Dance choreographed by Mrs. Masters, and accompanied by the captivating voice of Ms. Jandira, serving as the perfect finale for this spectacular show. 

TIS-Benefit-Concert-9.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-11.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-13.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-14.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-21.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-23.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-32.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-33.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-34.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-35.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-36.jpg TIS-Benefit-Concert-37.jpg

We were fortunate to witness the incredible talent within our school community, and the event was a resounding success, raising over 24,000 MOP that will go towards protecting wildlife in Gabon. The tireless efforts of the Student Council ensured our annual Benefit Concert was an unforgettable night for everyone who attended. Well done!


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