Against the Clock

Mar 01, 2024

Students Stage Impressive Production in only 24 hours

In a whirlwind of creativity and teamwork, a group of young performers accomplished an extraordinary feat - writing, directing, and designing an entire play within a mere 24 hours. Now in its second year, “A Play-in-a-Day” has become a platform that brings together students for a remarkable display of drama, creativity, quick thinking, and confidence.

Building upon last year’s tremendous success, Mr. Ferlisi was filled with immense pride as he once again brought the exhilarating experience to our students and audience. Inspired by his own journey as a professional actor, Mr. Ferlisi first introduced a Play-In-A-Day to our school last year, which quickly became a highlight of the year.

This year’s Play-In-A-Day brought together participants from all levels of drama, spanning grades 7 through 12. A diverse group of 22 students, each brimming with their own unique talents and passions, embarked on the extraordinary task of creating a play in just one day. From writing and staging to rehearsing, producing, and ultimately performing in front of a live audience, students were ready to take on the challenge!


Guided by the line “I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright,” and incorporating a makeup doll head as a prop, our talented playwrights were tasked with weaving these elements into their plays. The time constraints posed both a challenge and a benefit, sharpening students’ quick thinking, adaptability, problem-solving abilities and unleashing their creativity through collaboration and teamwork. This seemingly simple challenge encouraged students to step out of their comfort zones, take ownership of their ideas, and witness their vision come to life on stage. It also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of each team member, as every role in theatre is vital.

Where there was a challenge, our students embraced it as an opportunity. And the results went beyond the impressive performance: it’s the memories, the lessons, the experiences and the relationships they made that truly mattered.

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