Book Author Amy Lau Unveils Macao's Heritage

Feb 27, 2024

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Amy Lau, the author behind "Memories of Old Macau: The Story of my Childhood," for a special visit that took our students on an incredible journey through the city's rich history.

Amy Lau, author of "Memories of Macau: The Story of my Childhood"

Our Grade 4 and Grade 2 students, who are currently exploring Macao's history in their inquiry units, were truly captivated by Amy's stories and insights. They discovered a Macao that existed long before their time, gaining a fresh perspective on the city they know today.

Books are gateways to new worlds, both real and fictional, igniting creativity and expanding children's horizons. We look forward to more visits that promote literacy and inspire our students to embrace the endless possibilities of reading.

Author-Amy-Lau-Visits-TIS-1-1709084272.jpg Author-Amy-Lau-Visits-TIS-2-1709084274.jpg Author-Amy-Lau-Visits-TIS-3-1709084281.jpg Author-Amy-Lau-Visits-TIS-4-1709084284.jpg

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