Towards A Greener TIS One Step At A Time

Jan 14, 2020

Article by Howard Tong, Grade 12. Photos by Karen Tho, Communications Dept. intern

Building on our successful Activist-in-Residence event with Songqiao Yao's visit and continuing on our eco-consciousness as a school, TIS invited the social enterprise group Green Monday and a local vegetarian/vegan cafe Blissful Carrot to give a short presentation on sustainable living and diets. The presentation emphasized on reducing meat consumption which in turn decreases carbon dioxide emissions to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released daily worldwide. Along with the presentation, they provided a sustainable lunch for some of our staff, Elementary and Secondary leadership students during their lunch period. The ultimate aim for this event was to have at least one vegetarian option available to students or introducing Meatless Mondays at TIS.

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