A Much Needed Break

As we return from the holidays, refreshed and recharged, it can be valuable to reflect on how important this time away is for the wellness of staff and students. We are very fortunate to have breaks throughout the year that allow us to connect with others, improve ourselves personally and professionally and prepare for another demanding block of learning. Here are a few aspects that highlight the importance of this time.

We at TIS pride ourselves on how highly regarded we are internationally and of our status as the top overseas Alberta-accredited school. With high standards comes high expectations and a concerted focus on schoolwork and the curriculum. While these are important, holidays allow everyone the time to step back, reassess, mull over, and consolidate one’s thoughts. Coming back to a problem or a concept after giving the brain time to process often leads to greater understandings and new approaches.

Breaks allow us to spend more time with those we hold most dear such as family and close friends. It’s also time to reconnect with those from the past as some are able to go back to places they call or called home. I’ve been fortunate to have many former students drop by the office and it’s always inspiring to hear how they are doing in their new surroundings.

As we know, learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, and holidays give everyone the time that’s needed to develop hobbies or explore new corners of the world. It’s been 8 years and there are still places in Macau that I haven’t seen, although I made it a point to see a few more and try a few new eateries. In the end, it’s all about recharging the batteries and getting the energy back to tackle the next part of the year.

I hope everyone spent their time meaningfully and are coming back focused and enthusiastic for the second half of the year. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone at TIS; staff, students, and parents alike, a safe and happy new year, new decade, and all the best that 2020 can offer you.


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