Change in Morning Drop Off Routines starting Monday, January 6, 2020

Dec 19, 2019

This year, we made a few changes to the morning drop off routines for students in PK-Grade 6, removing morning line-ups and opening classrooms to students at 8:00a.m. with the choice to play inside or outside until the 8:25a.m. bells. This change helped to address some of the morning routine difficulties, but also caused some challenges for parents and teachers.

In recognition of the feedback from parents and teachers since the first day of school, we have decided to make a slight adjustment to the drop-off time following the Christmas break. 

Starting January 6th, teachers will continue to be in their classrooms at 8:00a.m,. but students who are not accompanied by a parent will not be invited to come up to their classroom until 8:15a.m. This will allow for brief parent/teacher meetings or chats first thing in the morning between 8:00-8:15a.m. If teachers and specialists wish to briefly touch base with each other in the morning, this can also happen in classrooms between 8:00-8:15a.m. before the children enter. 

Please do not drop off your child unaccompanied by an adult before 8:15a.m. Children who arrive before this time will be directed to wait outside on the red pitch area where supervision will begin at 8:15a.m. Parents may accompany their children on the grounds before 8:15a.m. and wait with them outside until 8:15a.m. or until the whistle is blown at 8:25a.m. 

Please note this DOES NOT apply to students arriving by school bus. The current routines for students arriving by school bus will remain unchanged - students will be met by a staff member and supervised in an allocated area as per usual.






請  貴家長切勿在早上8:15前,把孩子送回校後即時離開。在此之前,學生可在紅色地毯處等候,助教會在早上8:15出現,協助看管孩子。





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