TIS Theatre Arts Presents Pandemic Life in Caught Inside

Nov 25, 2021

"Let me out!!!!" "Please, let me out!!!" But no one hears. Panic ensues; what do I do? Breathe slowly, catch your breath and think.  

What would you do? How do you think you'd react in that situation?

Caught Inside, the latest production from TIS's Theatre Arts Program, captured people's reactions to COVID lockdowns and quarantines through monologues and live music. 

Each performer chose a monologue from a set of quarantine monologues written by children worldwide (provided by Drama Notebook). The musical interludes had been created to respond to the prompt "what does being caught inside mean to you? Inside your home, inside Macau, inside your mind." 

However, no production is without hiccups, and when Macau had its recent pandemic prevention response in October, schools went online. As a result, the plans for the Fall Play changed. Rehearsals for Shakespeare weren't able to be completed. Instead, we went to a play that could be performed online if it needed to come to that. 

Luckily, the students got to mount this play of monologues and music live in the Black Box Theatre on November 11 and 12 to an appreciative TIS community. 

This production involved more than thirty middle school and high school students. Each in different roles as actors, musicians, singers, stage managers, designers, lighting, sound, costume, publicity, set production and box office managers. The entire cast and crew staged the new play in record time, mounting the show in four weeks instead of the usual eight - a fantastic effort showcasing the resilience and flexibility of our students. 

A special shout out goes to Stage Manager Megan Leung (Grade 10), Rocky Leung (Grade 8) and Chloe Lam (Grade 10) plus the assistant stage management team and sound crew who all did an amazing job as students leaders for this production. A special thank you is extended to the assistant producer Ms. Van Orrt and the production assistant Arden. TIS are very grateful for the support that Theatre Arts receives from our community.

The Spring TIS Theatre Arts production will be performed on May 6 & 7, 2022. Please check our Facebook (www.facebook.com/tismacao) for more information in April of next year.

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