Outdoor Education: The Physical and Mental Strengths of Boulder Climbing

Nov 24, 2021

Bernice carefully inspects the wall in front of her. She’s concentrated, mentally mapping out the different paths she can take to the top. Each step will determine the next, and she ponders as she rubs her hands together with chalk. She has a plan. She is ready.

Taking on the colourful grips in front of her, Bernice takes the first steps and grabs on to the grips of the path of a V2 boulder. She quickly makes her way up and gets herself a meter off the ground in no time. She’s had some practice before: this is not the first time the grade 9 Outdoor Education students were there. But, there’s no perfect formula no matter how many times you’ve done this before and, halfway through, she realizes she needs to re-strategize. So, she stops, hanging in there, without releasing her grip while rethinking her path. She hears Mr Leguerrier’s voice from the back of her head, giving helpful instructions to lead her to a possible route. Finally, she’s “in the zone”, and a few moments later, with the strength of her legs, she pulls herself up, stretching her left hand to reach the top brown boulder and joining in her right hand. She hears Mr Leguerrier count “One...two...three!”, and that’s her cue to drop down after conquering the V2 path. Now, on to the next challenge.

1JC_4430-1637725345.jpg 1JC_4437.jpg 1JC_4440.jpg 1JC_4457.jpg IMG_7773.jpg IMG_7779.jpg IMG_7785.jpg IMG_7753.jpg IMG_7754.jpg 1JC_4021-1637741560.jpg 1JC_4022-1637741561.jpg 1JC_4028-1637741561.jpg 1JC_4034-1637741567.jpg 1JC_4041-1637741568.jpg 1JC_4046-1637741577.jpg

A form of free climbing performed on small rock formations, boulder climbing is fun for these students while they have their flexibility, endurance, coordination, power and strength tested. These classes offer a highly motivational and supportive environment, with agglomerations of classmates around the same problem, each taking turns trying to reach the top via the path they continuously decide to choose while on the wall or suggested by their peers. The atmosphere is great and helps build confidence for these students in overcoming obstacles.

But the benefits of boulder climbing don’t stop at the physical traits. The mental workout required of these students to navigate the walls enhances their problem solving abilities as they find solutions to the challenges they encounter with each step.

They learn to succeed through failure, and to be courageous enough to repeat and fail again, because they know that through trying different routes they can solve problems that will lead them to success.

1JC_4060-1637741732.jpg 1JC_4069-1637741732.jpg 1JC_4072-1637741734.jpg 1JC_4087-1637741736.jpg 1JC_4089-1637741737.jpg 1JC_4097-1637741738.jpg 1JC_4105-1637742023.jpg 1JC_4106-1637742024.jpg 1JC_4115-1637742025.jpg 1JC_4119-1637742030.jpg 1JC_4130-1637742031.jpg 1JC_4135-1637742032.jpg 1JC_4139-1637742086.jpg 1JC_4142-1637742087.jpg 1JC_4143-1637742128.jpg
1JC_4149-1637742173.jpg 1JC_4154-1637742174.jpg 1JC_4162-1637742174.jpg 1JC_4169-1637742175.jpg 1JC_4178-1637742197.jpg 1JC_4207-1637742199.jpg 1JC_4240-1637742214.jpg 1JC_4254-1637742273.jpg 1JC_4261-1637742284.jpg 1JC_4262-1637742288.jpg 1JC_4311-1637742292.jpg 1JC_4366-1637742304.jpg 1JC_4373-1637742314.jpg 1JC_4406.jpg 1JC_4418.jpg

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