TIS Opens Its Doors for A ‘Spooktacular’ Community Day at TIS

Nov 08, 2021

TIS opened its doors for our annual Community Day on Saturday, October 30 with Halloween as the event’s main theme. This family-friendly event capped off a fantastic week of in-person learning after 4 weeks of virtual learning, with teachers and students coming to the campus dressed in their best Halloween costumes. Creative juices were flowing free with costumes ranging from the fun - yes, we saw you Ms. Hubert - to the more traditional Halloween inspired style. 

Teachers and members of the community operated a variety of market stalls and organized activities such as colouring and face painting. Staff members were also able to showcase some of TIS's academic offerings such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma and The Activist in Residence programs. 

The TIS Parents' Association (TISPA) sold mouth watering buttery popcorn, drinks and hot food which is always such a great hit.. Musical performances were offered by our more talented staff and students. The Middle School Leadership Team held carnival style games and raised over $3,600 MOP for their activities and a charity of their choosing.  Well done Team TIS!!

Community Day was a wonderful fun-filled afternoon to kick off the fall holiday season and we hope that there will be many more to come.

IMG_0001-copy-1636339342.JPG WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-(7)-1636339444.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-(6)-1636339446.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-(4)-1636339451.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-(3)-1636339453.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-(2)-1636339455.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-(1)-1636339457.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-07-at-9.36.42-PM-1636339467.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-04-at-4.42.53-PM-1636339470.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-07-at-9.36.42-PM-(3)-1636339473.jpg WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-07-at-9.36.42-PM-(2)-1636339476.jpg IMG_4694.jpg IMG_4671.jpeg IMG_4843.jpeg IMG_9973.jpg

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