'Zeitgeist: the spirit of an era,' IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition opens at TIS!

Mar 31, 2023

Generation Z is the first generation that has never known a world without the internet; however, according to Stanford scholar Roberta Katz, they are not a "coddled" group of young people. Instead, they are one of the most collaborative, self-reliant groups that value diversity and are passionate about finding their identities. Therefore it is apt that this year's IB DP Visual Arts cohort presented their unique body of work under the banner, 'Zeitgeist: the spirit of an era.' 

This highly anticipated art exhibition at TIS opened its doors on the 28th of March to showcase and celebrate a demanding two-year course of study for eleven talented artists. As part of this course, students are encouraged to experiment with multiple techniques and skills, pushing the boundaries of their creativity and expectations, thus really honing their analytical and creative skills with the goal of presenting a unique body of work after two years. 

This self-directed course gives students room to express themselves and learn to solve their problems as they develop confidence as young artists. Each artist is responsible for crafting and organizing every aspect of their exhibit, including the selection of materials, themes, and the arrangement of the pieces themselves. The resulting artworks are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, who have poured their hearts and souls into their creations. 

As parents, teachers and students listened to the opening address by Dianna Campre, the IB Art teacher, she enthusiastically encouraged everyone to read the students' written work "as it communicates the intent behind their artistic decision-making." As a mentor and guiding force to these artists, Ms. Campre is one of their biggest fans.

"I am extremely proud of this group of artists and their ability to express themselves creatively through their art. They have demonstrated that passion and consistent hard work can lead to successful results". 

TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Alyssa-1680234328.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Angie-1680234330.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Christina-1680234333.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Donald-1680234335.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Ines-1680234338.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Jennifer-1680234340.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Mario-1680234342.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Sofia-1680234345.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Sophy-1680234347.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Vanessa-1680234349.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-student-Vivi-1680234352.png The-Dream-Team---TIS-IB-Art-Cohort-2023-with-Ms-Campre-their-mentor-and-IB-Art-Teacher-1680235153.png

While observing the showcased artwork, parents, students, and teachers were impressed. An experienced IB-trained faculty member went as far as saying that the Exhibition was “second to none” and that the displayed portfolio was one of the most well-curated collections he had ever seen. This high praise is a clear indication of our students' dedication and ambition. After viewing the exceptional artwork, we cannot help but concur and eagerly anticipate watching these young individuals evolve and prosper in their future artistic pursuits.

Congratulations, IB Art class of 2023! 

We invite you to view the IB Visual Art Exhibition from now until April 13, 2023.

Times: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Where: Secondary Library, 4th Floor NW

IB-Art-Exhibition-2023-at-TIS-1680234963.png IB-Visual-Arts-Display-2023-(2)-1680234965.png IB-Visual-Arts-Display-2023-1680234968.png IB-Visual-Arts-Display-1680234970.png Opening-night-TIS-IB-Art-Exhibition-2023-(2)-1680234972.png Opening-night-TIS-IB-Art-Exhibition-2023-1680234975.png Parents-are-invited-to-attend-the-opening-night-exhibition-1680234977.png Students-curated,-built-and-displayed-their-portfolio-of-work-1680234979.png Students-planning-method-on-display-for-visitors-to-read-the-thoughts-behind-the-work-1680234980.png Students-used-a-variety-of-materials-to-create-their-work-1680234982.png Students-work-at-the-exhibition-1680234985.png TIS-IB-Art-student-used-the-tools-in-the-supplies-in-the-Innovation-Lab-to-create-a-light-box-to-showcase-her-portfolio-1680234990.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-Exhibition-2023-(3)-1680234995.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-Exhibition-2023-(4)-1680234997.png TIS-IB-Visual-Arts-Exhibition-2023-1680235000.png

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