Learning Outside Our Comfort Zones - TIS Experience Week

Mar 22, 2023

This year’s Experience Week was a huge success with students from Grade 4 to 12 joining in on the fun! As part of TIS's holistic approach to education, Experience Week takes place outdoors, away from the classroom walls, and challenges students to develop essential skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving, in a whole new way. Whether it was through bowling, arrow tag, cooking or participating in a beach clean-up, students worked together and were able to learn from one another.

TIS-Experience-Week-3.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-18.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-11.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-15.jpg TIS-Experience-Week-9.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-24.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-28.jpg TIS-Experience-Week-14.JPG TIS-Experience-Week-29.jpg

There were also opportunities for cultural enrichment, with visits to Macau’s Museums, Taipa’s Fireworks Factory and exploring Coloane Village on a scavenger hunt. These experiences allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of their community and its rich history.

TIS-Experience-Week-21.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-1-1679459855.jpeg

Our annual Experience Week provides the opportunity to step out of everyday classrooms and into an action packed program where students learn a variety of skills, explore different interests, and tackle community issues. This contributes to developing well rounded individuals that are not only skilled in various  pursuits, but have an open mindset and understand the world around them.

TIS-Experience-Week-16.jpg TIS-Experience-Week-26.jpg TIS-Experience-Week-17.jpg TIS-Experience-Week-19.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-20.jpeg TIS-Experience-Week-27.jpg

We are happy to see students having such a fulfilling time trying new things and learning new skills, making memories that will surely last a lifetime! Thank you to all our incredible teachers that plan, organise and collaborate to continuously empower our students' learning, in and outside of the classroom.

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