Exceptional Achievements Celebrated at TIS Graduation 2024

Jun 07, 2024

The 2024 Graduation Ceremony of The International School of Macao (TIS) was held at Wynn Palace Hotel on Saturday, June 1st, 2024. Attended by family, friends, teachers, guests, and TIS leadership, the event celebrated the graduation of 63 students. Guests included the Head of Department of Students from Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macao SAR (DSEDJ) Mr. Chan Iok Wai, the Acting Consul General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao Mr. Jason Reeve, TIS Board of Governors Dr. KL Tong, TIS School Supervisor Dr. Howard Stribbell.

TIS-Grad-2024-27.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-28.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-29.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-8.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-9.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-4.jpg

TIS Class of 2024 have achieved outstanding results and have received offers from over 600 universities around the globe, with over 28 million MOP in scholarships. These universities include Columbia University (QS#23), University College London (UCL) (QS#9), University of Toronto (QS#21), University of Edinburgh (QS#22), the University of Hong Kong (QS#26), University of Manchester (QS#32), University of British Columbia (QS#34), Carnegie Mellon University (QS#52), King’s College London (QS#40), Pomona College (#4 in National Liberal Arts Colleges), among many others.


“We are now the role models that we always used to look up to. We are the directors of theater productions, gold medal athletes, award-winning CTF film producers. We are trailblazers” Ronnie Ho, Class Valedictorian “We have cultivated the strengths and skills needed to achieve our dreams. Keep pushing, keep going, keep fighting - for the best is yet to come. The hourglass has flipped. It has just started now.”

This year’s graduates are about to embark on the next chapter of their lives, pursuing a wide range of subjects and career paths that truly showcase their individual interests and aspirations, as well as their exceptional skills and talents. From Biomedical Science, to Electrical Engineering, English Literature, Bachelor of Arts, Veterinary Medicine, Business Management, Aerospace Engineering, Exercise and Health Science, Fashion Marketing and Management, etc.

To highlight students who have gone above and beyond in their academic pursuits or have made significant contributions to the School community, this year's award winners were as follow:

TIS-Grad-2024-30.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-31.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-32.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-34-1718251099.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-49.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-36-1718251137.jpg

In his address, TIS Head of School Mr. Lorne Schmidt delivered a speech praising the impressive accomplishments of this year's graduating class. He expressed great pride in their exceptional abilities and achievements across a range of areas, including academics, athletics, extracurricular pursuits, and community service. Mr. Schmidt further highlighted the various characteristics and qualities possessed by the graduating class, noting that these are deeply needed for success in the 21st century. He concluded by saying he is confident that they will go on to make valuable contributions to their communities and the world.

TIS-Grad-2024-25.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-24.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-21.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-18.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-55-1718258530.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-26.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-42.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-43.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-46.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-51.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-52.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-53.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-54-1718258527.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-44.jpg TIS-Grad-2024-56-1718258533.jpg

Message From The Graduating Class Of 2024

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