Sense of Inclusion: Impact of Social-Emotional Challenges on Learning

May 02, 2018

By Karine Estadieu, Inclusive Education Coordinator at TIS

The International School of Macao celebrated its 15th anniversary last month. It was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the significant growth of the school from a few dozen students to the current 1,150 students representing close to 40 different countries. It can be said that cultural diversity is well represented at TIS!

The key challenge for international schools includes serving culturally diverse students with varied abilities and motivation for learning. As a matter of fact, school size, cultural differences, variety of first languages, student turnover all raise challenges for many students during their time at school. For students with special needs these realities can be overwhelming! Emotions can facilitate or impede children’s academic engagement and success; students can feel lost and thus social-emotional difficulties will have an impact on the learning.

At TIS, we want to embrace this reality and hence our dedicated teachers came up with a multitude of strategies and opportunities to support our students. I would like to share with you some of the creative options offered to accompany the students on their journey:

And many more…. Thanks to everyone involved in these activities!

At TIS, in order to contribute to the education and well-being of the students, we offer a holistic and student-centered approach where learning is valued, diversity is encouraged, individual uniqueness respected, and social-emotional needs are considered.

There is no unique solution, it is a permanent creative renewal!


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