Making the Right Choice

Nov 21, 2022

Making the right choice for your child when deciding on a school is one of the most important decisions a family will ever make. Of course, you want to ensure your child receives the best possible education and support while growing up happily.

The biggest question every parent and guardian has when choosing the right school is “Is my child going to be successful in this educational environment?” And there’s nothing better than an Open Day to help you answer that question. 

TIS Open Day 4 February 2023, from 10:00-12:00

Reason to Visit TIS Open Day:

Our doors are open for parents who are considering sending their children to TIS or have a child due to start in September 2023. Join us on Open Day on 4 February 2023 (10:00-12:00) and learn about the TIS Advantage and what our education can offer your child.

We're waiving the MOP1500 application fee for those who join us on the day and apply for admissions. Register attendance now! Click here.

On the day, you will have the opportunity to:

On this day you’ll learn about the curriculum offered here at TIS and why it’s different to the other schools in Macao. You’ll also learn about how TIS supports every student, from those who need extra help to challenging high achievers. We encourage you to join us to help find out if our School fits and aligns with the overall personality, strengths, needs and interests of your child.

To assist you further, we’ve put together some pointers on why you should visit our School (or any other) and what to ask during your visit:


By visiting TIS during Open Day, you will have the chance to immediately get a real sense of the environment and overall atmosphere that is just not possible through a phone call or website. You’ll be able to take a peek into our classrooms, facilities and available technologies that your child will spend a lot of time interacting with.

Ask: What are the class sizes? 

Meet the teachers, staff and students

Consider our quality teaching and staff, expectations of students and how our current students behave: these are the people who make the school go around. By visiting the School on the day, you have the opportunity to meet and talk to the people who you will trust with your child’s education. You may also meet some students and discover how happy they are. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions!

Ask: about parent-teacher communications; you may even ask our students what they think! Talk to our current and past parents. Ask them how they find parent-teacher interaction.

Sports & Extra Curricular Activities 

We offer a wide range of activities after school, from sports to games to learning languages, leadership skills and thinking skills, including the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Ask: for the current list of after-school activities.

Learn About Future Plans

This is where your child will spend most of their developing years, so it’s good to know what’s ahead. During our Open Day, not only can you learn about the future opportunities TIS can offer your child, but you can receive information about future developments, such as updates to curriculum or building new facilities that will impact your child’s learning experience.

Ask: about what universities our students get into (Or check the non-extensive list we have up on the wall at the entrance of our School)

Safety, campus life, athletics and extracurricular activities, class sizes, costs and fees, and of course location/distance from home are all things to consider. Invest time in the future happiness of your child, and join us on Open Day to find out more.



















孩子成長過程中大部份時間都將在這裡,所以最好是掌握未來的進展。在開放日,家長不僅可了解澳門國際學校為孩子提供的機會,還可獲得未來發展的信息 – 如課程更新或新設備建設等;這些都將影響孩子的學習體驗。



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