Cross-Disciplinary Science Studies

Nov 14, 2022

Science is an essential part of our world today as all significant challenges and opportunities for innovation are approached from a scientific point of view. It is through this lens that in Science Grade 8, students are introduced to various concepts that have a Science and Technology, Nature of Science or Social and Environmental emphasis.

At TIS, teachers take a holistic approach to teaching to encourage students to explore different theories and put them into practice, incorporating them into everyday life thereafter. By first studying the theory, students can then combine the subject matters with their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programme, and watch as these concepts come to life. A great example of this was the classes on properties of matter. 

First, students studied the characteristics and properties of matter, building density columns, exploring viscosity and testing solubility factors in the classroom. They then relocated to the learning lab, where they joined Mr. Voykin on a practical project where students used all they had learned to apply it when engineering their hydraulic claws. 

"This collaborative project offered the students a great opportunity to work together and use tools that aren’t readily available to others. Having such a well-equipped space with expert guidance really helped to improve the students' understanding and skills." - Devone Anderson, Middle School Science Teacher

Cross-Disciplinary-at-TIS-2.jpg Cross-Disciplinary-at-TIS-6.jpg Cross-Disciplinary-at-TIS-4.jpg Cross-Disciplinary-at-TIS-5.jpg Cross-Disciplinary-at-TIS-8.jpg Cross-Disciplinary-at-TIS-9.jpg

This hands-on approach allowed students to cement their understanding of their studies, but also provided them opportunities to practice different approaches to learning (ATL). As they were paired with a partner, their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills were tested, as well as their organizational skills to ensure they stayed on top of their defined project timeline. 

“It is amazing to see over 40 students all engaged in what they are doing and working away. They become much more interested in the subjects once they can put it into practice and see its everyday use. ” - Todd Voykin, Technology Department Head & Teacher

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our devoted teachers and their passion for their student’s growth in their educational journeys,our students are provided the opportunity to engage in activities that are academically challenging as they are rewarding. TIS teachers go beyond simply teaching the theory in the curriculum. They give the  students cross-disciplinary opportunities that make them truly thrive and prosper, leading them to independent life-long learning with an applied global view and a forward thinking mind that allows them to become future leaders in our communities.

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