How fast can Tigers run?

Dec 14, 2022

On Friday, the 25th of November, Grades 3 to 6 took to the M.U.S.T. field for Track & Field Day. Dragons, Pandas, Phoenixes and Lions all competed in a variety of activities as everyone excitingly awaited to see who would win the most points for their respective house teams.

There were many games and races to be won. There was passing the hula hoop without letting go of each others hands, tossing the bean bag inside the hula hoops and, of course, there was the track for different distance running. All of them had their own challenges, but what they had in common was the support from peers and team-work needed to successfully complete them.

TIS-Track-&-Field-6.jpeg TIS-Track-&-Field-12.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-22.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-25.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-9-1670205004.jpeg TIS-Track-&-Field-28-1670206457.jpg

We are proud to see that all of our students demonstrated incredible unity and sportsmanship throughout the whole day, cheering for others and helping whenever necessary. It is precisely these values of caring for others that characterise the TIS tigers. Well done!

TIS-Track-&-Field-3.jpeg TIS-Track-&-Field-14.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-2.jpeg TIS-Track-&-Field-16.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-27-1670987965.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-28-1670987908.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-17-1670204994.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-25-1670987860.jpg TIS-Track-&-Field-23-1670205096.jpg

Check out some of the winners of the day!

Gr.3-Girls-100m-1st-Place-1670204212.jpg Gr.3-Boys-200m-1st-Place-1670203742.jpg Gr.3-Girls-200m-1st-Place.jpg Gr.4-Boys-200m-1st-Place-1670204341.jpg Gr.4-Girls-100m-1st-Place.jpg Gr.5-Boys-200m-1st-Place.jpg Gr.5-Relay-1st-Place-Team.jpg Gr.6-Girls-100m-1st-Place.jpg Gr.6-Boys-100m-1st-Place.jpg

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