Festive Fun at TIS!

Dec 18, 2020

TIS was a very festive place this past week as a variety of Christmas-themed events were held throughout the School to celebrate the holiday season, culminating in the annual Winter Wonderland for the TIS community on Thursday night. Here's just a sample of what was happening around the school:

Kindergarten Funderland
Held on Dec 17, this annual event showcased the creative talents of our youngest students with beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments, paintings and other items all on sale for parents to buy. Money raised will go toward purchasing plants and vegetables for the Kindergarten garden in support of this year's Activist in Residence sustainability goals.

IMG_9877-1608175011.jpg IMG_9864-1608175017.jpg IMG_9878-1608175021.jpg IMG_9879-1608175025.jpg IMG_9882-1608175030.jpg IMG_9884-1608175038.jpg IMG_9868-1608175044.jpg IMG_9869-1608175047.jpg IMG_9871.jpg File_006.jpeg File_001.jpeg File_012-(1).jpeg

Gr. 5 Winter Market
If you were looking to do some Christmas shopping then the Grade 5 Winter Market was the place to be on Dec 17! Students sold festive crafts, gifts, upcycled products as well as yummy treats. All proceeds will be donated to the TIS Sustainability Program.

IMG_9952.jpg IMG_9950.jpg IMG_9949.jpg IMG_9940.jpg IMG_9937.jpg IMG_9930.jpg IMG_9928.jpg IMG_9926.jpg IMG_9924.jpg IMG_9934.jpg IMG_9935.jpg IMG_9936.jpg

Winter Wonderland
Just like school spirit, holiday spirit can bring the whole school community together. TIS families showed they had plenty of festive cheer at the annual Winter Wonderland on Dec 17. There was something for everyone, including Christmas shopping at vendor booths, games and activities, BBQ and drinks, a bake sale, and mostly importantly, a visit from Old Saint Nick himself! There was also a Christmas raffle with lots of fabulous prizes. Thank-you to the School Community Events Committee, TISPA, and the many volunteers who all played a role in organizing this wonderful evening of Christmas fun.

IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0012.jpg IMG_0019.jpg IMG_0024.jpg IMG_0027.jpg IMG_0031.jpg IMG_0039.jpg IMG_0002.jpg IMG_0003.jpg IMG_9984.jpg IMG_9985.jpg IMG_9986.jpg IMG_9988.jpg IMG_9992.jpg

IMG_9993.jpg IMG_9995.jpg IMG_9999.jpg IMG_9978.jpg IMG_9979.jpg IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0038.jpg IMG_9981-1608263517.jpg

TIS Giving Tree
The TIS community once again showed its support for those in need by donating more than a hundred presents for the Giving Tree. This year, the gifts will be given to families and children who have been impacted by the pandemic. Many thanks to Ms Kelsi Olstad and the Middle School Leadership team who decorated the tree and kept track of all of the gifts, as well as Ms Sara Billey who coordinated delivery of the gifts to the families.


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