Distance Learning Program - School Year 2020/2021

Aug 17, 2020

Dear Parents, 

The start of school is around the corner and I want to welcome you to the school year 2020/2021. We are looking forward to having everyone back on campus. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic development, we anticipate Macao’s border to remain closed to foreigners in September and thereby preventing some of our students from attending school on campus. As such, TIS is offering a Distance Learning Program for parents who wish to continue their academic progress for their child(ren) who will be outside of Macao in September.

Distance Learning Program

The Distance Learning Program aims to provide continuous education for students who are temporarily overseas but are planning to come back to Macao. Distance learning is different from online learning. As the teachers will be working with the majority of their students on campus, they will not be able to offer individual online learning. However, they will ensure that the student is keeping pace with the regular class and completing the necessary work. This would be similar to pre-COVID days when students would have an extended absence due to an illness. The class teacher will be responsible for coordinating with the student and we will also have a dedicated teacher to help coordinate all of the Distance Learning students. A Kindergarten Distance Learning Program will be designed specifically to accommodate our younger students.  

How to Enroll 

If you would like to register your child in the Kindergarten or Primary Distance Learning Program, please contact Elementary Principal Mary-Anne Jasinski via email at maryanne.jasinski@tis.edu.mo. For enrollment in the Secondary Distance Learning Program, please email Secondary Principal Lorne Schmidt at lorne.schmidt@tis.edu.mo.

Fees for Distance Learning

The program will be offered at a discounted tuition rate. Kindergarten and Primary Distance Learning will be offered at 50% of the regular tuition level and Secondary Distance Learning will be offered at 75% of the regular tuition level.  For families who decide to enroll their child in the program at the discounted fee but who have already paid the regular tuition, the balance will be transferred to the 2nd term of school fees.

As border circumstances change and overseas students are coming back to Macao, tuition rates will be adjusted to full tuition rate starting when the student starts coming back on campus. For families who ultimately decide to stay overseas, TIS will refund the tuition based on our withdrawal policy. 

Family Friendly Program For Kindergarten

In addition to Distance Learning, TIS is also offering a Family Friendly Program which will focus on childcare and age appropriate activities rather than on content instruction. It will be offered at 50% of the regular tuition level. Students will continue to learn socialization skills. Family Friendly sessions will be offered in the mornings and will be run by the student's homeroom teacher. If you are interested in having your child participate in the Family Friendly program, please register here. Parents are required to fill out a student health declaration form before their child can participate in the Family Friendly program.

Seat Security

Some parents may choose not to participate in Distance Learning and may have made other arrangements such as attending a local school. For those parents who wish only to hold a spot for the student due to their oversea circumstances, parents are welcome to pay the deposit by August 28, 2020 to ensure the seat will be reserved for when the student is back in Macao and cleared for attending school. 

As we embark on the journey to recovery, we will make sure we are attending to the needs and concerns of our TIS community locally and internationally. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the school principals.


Howard Stribbell, Head of School







若閣下想為子女報名「幼兒園或小學遠程學習計劃」,請通過電子郵件maryanne.jasinski@tis.edu.mo與小學部校長Mary-Anne Jasinski聯繫。要報名「中學遠程學習計劃」,請發送電郵至lorne.schmidt@tis.edu.mo聯繫中學部校長Lorne Schmidt。








在邁向重回正軌的道路上,我們確保照顧在本地和世界各地TIS大家庭的相關需求和顧慮 。如果您有任何問題,請隨時聯繫我或任何一位校長聯繫。


Howard Stribbell, 校長

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