Students Put Forward Education and Housing Proposals

Jul 09, 2020

A group of secondary students recently visited the office of Macao’s Chief Executive, Ho Iat Seng, to submit an Education and Housing Policy Recommendation Report, along with a letter of appreciation and a painting for Mr. Ho. The students are part of the school’s Personal Development and Policy Investigation Group, which investigates local policies, makes recommendations, and takes action to make society a better place.

Among the reports, the Education Curriculum proposes that students from kindergarten to grade 12 be educated on a series of topics including 1) Understanding the relationship of the individual with their family, society, country and the world. 2) Developing personal success paths according to the student’s strengths and talents and 3) Making effective career choices, becoming ethical professionals and contributing to society.

"Investments in education may be small, but they can bring about profound and magnificent impacts." says grade 12 student Sariputra Tong (Tong Ho Laam), the group’s founder.

Additionally, the Housing Policy Recommendation proposes a definition of the sandwich class which considers the following four principles: 1) Promoting social mobility of the people 2) Protecting the wealth and purchasing power of Macao citizens 3) Sharing Macao's economic prosperity with the local community and 4) Encouraging people to live with their extended families, caring for the old and supporting the young. This would allow for a mutually beneficial living arrangement.

The Personal Development and Policy Investigation Group also encourages the personal growth of its team members and promotes attributes such as virtue, respect, sincerity, and humility. To help team members define their societal role, students do voluntary tutoring as well as conduct street surveys to understand Macao society.

Sariputra Tong said that it is her greatest satisfaction to bring growth to students. She hopes that in the future, students will become pillars of society with both virtue and integrity. 唐可嵐表示,能為同學帶來成長是最大的滿足感,希望未來同學皆能成為德才兼備的社會棟樑。

Group members Ngo Laam Tong and Domi Wang said that in addition to the investigation work, the group also provided voluntary tutoring at school. The activities helped them clarify the knowledge learned in school, and think about organizational and expressional skills. 同學唐遨嵐、王岱钧,表示會務除了調研工作,還在學校進行義務補習,有助清澈自己所學知識,思考組織及表達能力。

Members of the TIS Personal Development and Policy Investigation Group submitting the Recommendation Report. 澳門國際學校學生「個人發展及政策研究」小組遞交建議報告。



高中三年級學生、「個人發展及政策研究」小組創辦人唐可嵐(Sariputra Tong)表示:「投放在教育上的資源可能只需要很少,但卻能帶出深遠而偉大的影響。」





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