TIS students are honoured for their amazing musical talents!

Jun 09, 2023

Last weekend the MACA Music Scholarship Awards Ceremony was held and TIS is delighted to report that 3 of our students were selected as recipients. Jonathan, in Grade 12, was one of only 43 awardees across Macau. We are incredibly proud to have him recognised for this prestigious music scholarship. We'd like to give a big round of applause to Jonathan for his remarkable accomplishment. Congratulations!

Focus & Marcus, both Grade 10 and 8 respectively, were among the lucky 13 students in Macau to receive the MACA New Original Music Award. We commend them for this prestigious accomplishment and congratulate them on their remarkable success! Additionally, Focus was honoured by being asked to perform his original piece of work, “Darkness,” at the awards ceremony. Way to go Focus!


All Macau's secondary schools had the opportunity to join the MACA Music Scholarship program. Each school was encouraged to choose one student with exceptional academic achievement in music and multiple students who show great musical composition talents. This scholarship is the perfect way for passionate music students to achieve success in their chosen field. It's a great opportunity for them to gain a leg up and further their progress within the music industry.

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