TIS Launches Online Report Card System

Nov 07, 2019

The International School of Macao community is getting excited to welcome this year’s Activist in Residence, Songqiao Yao. Ms. Yao will be here on November 27 and 28 to work with the students on some amazing environmental initiatives, and throughout the year we will be sharing how local actions can impact climate change, and how as a school we can make a difference by taking positive steps towards helping the environment globally.

澳門國際學校熱烈歡迎Ms. Songqiao Yao小姐前來學校作本屆藝術家駐場活動嘉賓,Ms. Yao將在11月27至28日在駐足本校與學生就環保等問題進行活動。接下來的一年,學校將繼續向學生分享哪些行為將影響氣候變化,以及作為一所學校,我們如何能通過積極措施推動全球環保。

Our first major initiative in this endeavor is a change to how we share your child’s report card with you.

首先,我們踏出的第一步便是變更 貴子女的成績單發佈方式。

We’re going GREEN!


In hopes of becoming more environmentally friendly and ecologically minded, we will no longer be sending home paper copies of your child’s report card. Instead, you will be able to access current and past report cards digitally when you log onto Gibbon.


From Monday, November 11, you will be able to view past report cards when you log onto Gibbon. You are encouraged to log-on to ensure you are able to navigate to the “reports” page.


On Friday November 15, report cards for this school term will be uploaded onto Gibbon. If you are encountering difficulties logging in, please contact our office before November 15, to ensure you will be able to access your child’s report card. For English - Sheila Goldsworthy; for Chinese - Sofia Hoi/Christina Chan; or email admissions@localhost:8888/tis


若有任何問題,請電郵致 admissions@localhost:8888/tis 與負責同事聯絡:Sheila Goldsworthy(英文)或Sofia Hoi/Christina Chan(中文)

Here’s what to do:



Log onto Gibbon using your Username & Password

使用 閣下之帳號名稱及密碼登入Gibbon系統


Using the pull-down menu, under “Assess” choose “Reports” - All your child’s reports will be available in date order.

將鼠標放置在「Assess」上之後,頁面會彈出「Reports」這一選項。點擊「Reports」後即可查看 貴子女的成績單。

Report cards for this reporting period will be made available to parents on November 15 at the following times:


PK, JK, SK: 2:00 p.m. (下午 2:00)

Grades 1-6: 3:00 p.m. (下午 3:00)

Grades 7-12: 4:00 p.m. (下午4:00)

*Please note that if you require a paper copy of your child’s report card you can email your written request to olivia.mak@localhost:8888/tis (Grades PK-6) or vanessa.wong@localhost:8888/tis (Grades 7-12). The office will inform you once the report is ready for collection.

*注意:若家長有需要拿取列印的成績單,請以電郵與負責同事聯絡:olivia.mak@localhost:8888/tis (Grades PK-6) 及 vanessa.wong@localhost:8888/tis (Grades 7-12)。成績單列印後,會通知家長領取。

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