TIS Cyber Tigers Leave Their Mark

Nov 02, 2023

The TIS Cyber Tigers travelled to Guangzhou for a thrilling Robotics Competition where 9 teams battled it out in an action-packed showdown! In the VIQRC division, teams ran the Full Volume teamwork challenge, while in the VRC division, an intense Over Under Head-to-Head match. With the expert guidance of Mr. Flower, Ms. Li, Mr. Thorne and Mr. Ng, our talented students showcased their technical knowledge, exceptional skills and exemplary teamwork.

TIS-Robotics-Team-5-1699235823.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-6-1699235854.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-7-1699235879.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-8-1699236027.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-10-1699236076.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-12-1699242182.jpg

Notable achievements:

TIS-Robotics-Team-11-1699236720.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-13-1699236775.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-14-1699236801.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-15.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-9-1699242194.jpg TIS-Robotics-Team-16-1699236843.jpg

A round of applause to these fierce tigers, who gave it their all and left their mark in the robotics arena! #GoTigers

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