Raising Leaders: Diverse Leadership Opportunities at TIS

Student leadership at The International School of Macao (TIS) goes beyond the traditional role of a student representative in a meeting. It transcends the norm by giving students a genuine voice and the power to shape their education and learning environment. This means that students actively participate in crucial campus decisions, and their opinions and ideas are highly valued and incorporated into new developments.

This progressive approach recognises that students' opinions and ideas are invaluable in driving innovation and fostering positive change. By actively involving students in decision-making processes, TIS cultivates a culture of active citizenship, where young individuals become empowered agents of change, shaping their educational experiences and preparing for the challenges of the modern world.

At our School, every student has the potential to lead. However, they also require guidance and opportunities to refine their leadership skills. By cultivating diverse leadership skills and techniques from a young age, we give students an excellent head start, enhancing their overall well-being and instilling confidence.


The significance of student leadership stems from its opportunity to embrace higher responsibilities and contribute to essential changes. Additionally, the presence of dedicated student representatives ensures that their experience is understood and passionately advocated for The Middle School Leadership, the High School Student Council, and the Student Ambassadors exemplify TIS's commitment to empowering students and valuing their voices:

The Middle School Leadership team is pivotal in organising various events and activities that foster a positive and inclusive school environment. They collaborate closely with the school administration, working hand in hand to ensure that student voices are heard and incorporated into decision-making processes. Similarly, the High School Student Council represents the student body’s interests and concerns, driving initiatives that boost the school community’s spirit through charity events, cultural events, and more.

The Student Ambassadors are another essential group of student leaders who warmly welcome new students to TIS, ensuring a smooth transition into the school environment. This group of young student leaders play a critical role in helping newcomers adapt to the school environment, acting as liaisons between students and the school administration, facilitating effective communication and understanding. Additionally, they also organise various activities and events that promote school spirit and foster a positive school culture.

House Tea - scavenger hunt with the help of Mentorship Programme Student Ambassadors - taking a stand against hunger SDG presentation Grade 5 students read to kindergartners TIS Student Ambassadors Donate to Berço da Esperança December 2023 TIS Student Volunteers at the TIS University Fair TIS Volunteers 2023-24 2023-11-08.jpg

The Middle School Leadership, The High School Student Council, and the Student Ambassadors are only a few examples of the diverse student leadership opportunities available at TIS. They highlight the school’s commitment to empowering students, valuing their voices, preparing them for the challenges of the modern world, and equipping them with the tools to become active citizens and future leaders.

​​"Leadership cannot just go along to get along. Leadership must meet the moral challenge of the day." —Jesse Jackson.

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