Positive Parent-Child Relationships

Parenting is one of the most fulfilling and challenging jobs in the world, and it requires your constant attention for years and years. Balancing your work and personal life and your familial and parental duties while dealing with economic pressures, long term separations from extended and immediate family members, and often negative influences of social media have combined to create an unpredictable and ever changing landscape in which you need to monitor, support and positively impact the development of your child. No wonder you sometimes feel overwhelmed, wishing there was a guide book somewhere that might help!

You don’t actually need that book, because as a parent you really only have to do one thing - continuously nurture a positive relationship with your child by investing your time and effort with them. If you keep this in mind as your child grows and changes, you will sustain a close bond that lays the foundation for their personality, life choices and overall behavior resulting in their strong social, physical, mental and emotional health. The strength of the connection between you and your child will guide you both through the ups and downs of their changing self, and help them develop the motivation and ability to make good choices in their lives. Loving parents create loving children.

Why is a positive parent/child relationship important?

What erodes a positive parent/child relationship?

How do I strengthen my relationship with my child? 

Positive relationships with children are based on being present in the moment, spending quality time and building trust. Attachment, monitoring, communication and involvement are essential to maintaining a relationship. Your relationship with your child will evolve as they develop and their needs and interests change, but the more time you spend to strengthen your parent/child relationship, the more success you will have guiding your child through life's ups and downs and helping them to be happy and successful. 

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