"I look forward to continuing to build the ELL program for elementary students here at TIS as well as assisting teachers in the development of personalized learning models for all students."

I came to TIS Macau seven years ago after working in a large, public school board in Alberta for 22 years. In my first 15 years as a classroom teacher I taught grades 1-5 in a variety of schools, learning a great deal about students and families and how we work together to support all students to be successful at school every day. I spent the next seven years with the same board in several administrative roles, working with PK - grade 8 students, teachers and administrators creating systems and programs to support learners of all ages with diverse educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds in their local community schools.The years have flown by since I first came to TIS, and I continue to be excited everyday in our work with creative and intelligent young students who care about their community, school and planet. Their drive to learn, support each other, and contribute meaningfully to the world beyond the classroom is inspiring and I can't imagine myself leading any other school. I am thankful for the opportunity to come to TIS everyday and look forward to observing and supporting the continued growth of the students, staff and school in the years ahead.

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