Outdoor Learning Nurtures Young Minds

Sep 19, 2019

There is a new classroom behind the South-Wing MPR built for younger children so that they can have a better learning experience. Ms. Barbara Campbell is working on this project and believes the outdoor classroom will enhance students’ learning. She believes that when children are exposed to nature, it nurtures their minds. Right now, it is still an on-going project, but we are very happy to have Ms. Campbell take this idea and expanding on it. We hope to see big changes very soon in the near future as we cannot wait for it to become something beautiful. (Text and Photos by Owen Littley, Communications Intern)


ba04-IMG_2596.jpg ce2d-IMG_2592.jpg 22b4-IMG_2593.jpg d663-IMG_2595.jpg 25d4-IMG_2591.jpg e57e-IMG_2598.jpg

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