IB Art Exhibition: Opening Night

Apr 01, 2022

“John Green writes: ‘What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?’ Well, artists, congratulations on accomplishing a truly remarkable feat: your two-year IB Exhibition.” - Ms. Campre, IB Art teacher

Two years ago, Amanda, Lina, Natasha and Bianca began their adventure into the IB Visual Arts world, embarking on a journey of self-discovery through this thought-provoking course, while exploring the process of investigation, thinking critically and experimenting with techniques and methods of making art. These two years of creating an original body of work led up to the IB Art Exhibition. 

As they move into the next chapter of their lives, they have become critically informed makers and consumers of visual culture. This has equipped them with an appreciation for the expressive and aesthetic diversity in the world around them.

“I am so utterly proud of the confident artists you have become” - Ms. Compre

On the evening of Tuesday, March 31, Opening Night started with the musical performances of middle school students, followed by a few reminiscent words by IB Art teacher Ms. Campre about the two-year journey of working alongside the IB Art students as their teacher and mentor. 

The audience, composed of teachers, staff, parents and friends, was immersed completely in the heartfelt words of Ms. Campre as she introduced her students and the theme of this year’s exhibition, “Suffer, it’s good for the plot”. A process through which we can all learn to be more empathetic, resilient and develop the courage to take on more challenging tasks and, although not ideal, suffering can act as a reminder that you are alive.

“You have all made exceptional achievements in presenting your work at the highest possible level with admirable passions and perseverance. Thank you for trusting me to help you on your artistic journey.” - Ms. Campre

We can safely assure you that, although they have suffered, no students or teachers were harmed in the process. All of their efforts paid off, resulting in jaw-dropping, thought-provoking substantial work. Congratulations to all our artists!

IMG_8852.JPG IMG_8841.JPG IMG_8837.JPG IMG_8835.JPG IMG_8827-1648783623.JPG IMG_8813.JPG IMG_8826-1648784073.JPG IMG_8817-1648784104.JPG IMG_8802-1648784120.JPG IMG_8793-1648784200.JPG IMG_8787-1648784220.JPG IMG_8786-1648784241.JPG IMG_8779.JPG IMG_8762.JPG IMG_8753.JPG
IMG_8748.JPG IMG_8747.JPG IMG_8739.JPG IMG_8739-1648784744.JPG IMG_8738.JPG IMG_8744.JPG

Photos by student Eliana

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